Roger on The End of Queen & Paul Rodgers

Another excerpt from my Interview with Roger (done 06-NOV-09 in London)


TZ: Whats the Status Quo of Queen & Paul Rodgers:

RT: That chapter is finished. On friendly terms – especialy with me. I think Paul and Brian had some differences. But Paul is a great singer and I think we did good work together und I can't imagine us reuniting. We have done this realy. Brain and I we think about this…there might be an interesting project coming up.


TZ: Does this „interesting project“ involve Adam Lambert?

RT: Good question. He is such a brilliant singer that it is terrifying …




Andrea G said...

terrifying …
Thanks for the iterview

Matt said...

Oh man!!! I loved Paul Rodgers with Queen!!! I can't believe it's over!!
Check your sources and get back to me!!
(My blog is HeadBangers Paradise)